Playa Chiquita Lodge

We have twelve quiet cabins nestled in dense tropical vegetation that are connected by a 50 yard natural trail to the pristine white sand beaches. All cabins have fully screened windows, ceiling fans, private bathrooms with hot showers with sollar panel heaters and a verandah overlooking a lush tropical garden filled with exotic birds, flowers and butterflies.

Playa Chiquita Beach & Jungle Eco Lodge

Ecological Hotel & Family Environment

Our interest is to provide an authentic Caribbean style atmosphere where visitors enjoy the cultural uniqueness atmosphere of Costa Rica.

We have spend time and effort to our ten cabins which we have designed according to the local Caribbean architecture and with respect to the natural environment around us. The design is environmentally friendly re-use of the natural elements of the environment to condition to a pleasant temperature, each cabin has a ceiling fan that moves the air inside and cools it with the open ventilation of the roofsand windows which are protected with a mesh to prevent the entry of insects.

Also the surrounding trees have been preserved as to enjoy the biodiversity that depend on them and to protect our cabins from direct sunlight, keeping at all times of day, a humid and pleasant temperature. Also by taking advantage of the sun's rays that reach the roofs of the cabins we heat the water we used for all the showers. The cabins are built with wood, which reinforces the freshness. The joy of the Caribbean is reflect on the colorful of the walls and the paintings by local artists. Two double beds in each cabin makes it perfect for accommodations from simple to quadruple. Bamboo furniture complements the style and also emphasizes the natural environment. A hammock hanging on the porch of each cabin invites our guests to relax and contemplate nature, time and life.

Playa Chiquita (Small Beach)

Playa Chiquita is a 1km beach stretch and the only beach in the area without PUBLIC access there for is often quiet and very private. We have the only direct access to it through our 100 mts private trail. Making it safe and pleasant with out the risks or inconvenience of crossing the streets of private properties to reach the gorgeous white sand beach, (all other hotel in the area must deal with this inconvenience) and the exuberant wilderness on the other!

Puerto Viejo

We are located a few kilometers from the famous town of Puerto Viejo, where you can find many beautiful beaches and fun adventures.


Other Amenities